K r e  8 R Making System
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Ideal for S.T.E.M. Science,Technology, Engineering and Maths teaching  
(C) Stewart Dunn  2010 onwards
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Basic Parts  
Used by schools, colleges, universities, inventors and makers  Probably the Most Versatile Low Cost Making System The Kre8(C) Making System was designed by Stewart Dunn, technology textbook author, inventor, CEO of Kre8 Products Ltd to help students quickly model, prototype and test ideas at low cost.  Kre8 is a very 'open system' ideal for 'problem solving challenges' for 8 years plus using a few simple tools whilst sitting at a table. This unique patented system uses multi-purpose hinged connectors and 5mm diameter tubes to join structural forms that are pushed together. The grey Mechanical  parts such as wheels and gears push onto the 4mm axles or spin on the 3.9mm tubes.    The structural parts can be adjusted by angle, position and be cut to length putting the user in control at all times.  Kre8 can be used:- (a) on its own (b) integrated with other popular kits or used with (c) found recycled materials and art materials, such as stiff card etc. Kre8 kits are ideal  for low cost 'make and take' activities lasting a session of one to three hours.    Equipment- The most important are scissors or snips, and a  metric rule. Sometimes you may also need clear tape, a hole punch, and pens.  Opportunity - We have also developed related products that can be used with Kre8 or as stand alone products for mathematics and  electronics that now need to be taken forward. Please contact us if you would like to be a sell or license Kre8 and other  products we have developed. Parts push or clip together Just  two main connectors used Can cut connectors and tubes as wanted Fast assemble and disassembly   Can adjust angles and positions in-situ Made from low cost versatile materials  Can make animated structures Just seconds to take apart ready for reuse Card can be held in connectors Designed to work with other popular kits  Easy stock control - (just a few parts)  Ideal for S.T.E.M. education  For 8 years to University level Can assemble on a standard table Use with ‘Green’ recycled materials             =  Unique  Kre8 features   = Green versatile features   =  Ease of use ® Kre8  is Awesome                Use Kre8 to be really creative Use  with  other kits Use with  found  materials