This fun PICK and PLACE hydraulic arm is operated by the control panel of  syringes which are used to open/close the gripper, swing the arm and raise/lower the arm.  It is shown lifting a green block of foam. A good project for the more able.  Students enjoy controlling ‘picking and placing’ a load.  
Length  40cm   
Kre8 ®  Hydraulic Arm    
(requires a AA battery) 
Fire ‘ping pong’ balls at high speed. To use place ball so it rests on the trigger arm then push trigger lever upwards so the ball touches the spinning wheels. Includes battery holder with switch but not shown. (requires two AA batteries)      
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This Kre8 ®  Big Wheel turns sedately powered by a supplied geared down electric motor. The people podules automatically stay upright as it rotates. Construction is  fairly easy:- the laminated parts are cut out, folded and taped together. Comes supplied with a switched on/off battery holder (or it could be operated remotely via a computer using a suitable control interface.)     .    
Kre8 ®  Conveyor Belt
Kre8 ®  Cannon Ball
Kre8®  Starter Kit 2   This kit includes the parts in Kit 1 together with extra electrical parts that can be used to make two electric motor vehicles made to your own design or a steerable robot if used with a Kre8 manual controller or similar.
This kit makes an impressive working model. Turn on the supplied switched battery pack to make the passenger podules swing outwards by centrifugal force powered by a geared down motor. Some use it for control by4 micro- controller.  Assembly - Transparent tape, cutting and assembly required.   
(requires two AA batteries)
Assemble this solar racer by pushing parts together. Connect the electric motor to the solar panel to convert the sun’s energy into electricity for power.  Also supplied is a battery holder for a AA battery so it can be used if the sun is not shining or you want to use it indoors.  Length 20cm
Length 50cm 
Length 25cm  
High 30cm  
Kre8 ®   Big Wheel 
Kre8 ®   Fairground (motorised)
Kre8 Range of  Kits
(C) Stewart Dunn  2010 onwards 
(C) Stewart Dunn  2010 onwards 
Move ‘ping pong’ balls along the conveyor belt . Control it with the supplied switched battery holder or use your own controller.    
This marble jump converts the marbles 'kinetic energy' into a jump, like a 'ski jumper'.  See how far you can get a marble to jump.  It can be fun to also let it bounce on a plate then onto a target.
Marble Jump
Kre8 ®  
Kre8 ®  Fairground Carousel   
Height 25cm   
A low cost attractive fairground model. It is operated using a   simple cranked friction drive mechanism, Watch the centrifugal force  spin the people podules outwards. Made from Kre8 mechanical parts and laminated sheet. Equipment required:- scissor, clear adhesive tape and hole punch.
.PDF .PDF .PDF K r e 8 R .PDF
Kre8 ®   Air Car                                            
Kre8 ®  Blue Robot 
Making  TIPS Making  TIPS Making  TIPS Making  TIPS Making  TIPS Making  TIPS Making  TIPS Making  TIPS .PDF Making  TIPS whiskers   A low cost robot kit that can be used with micro-processors that can control two d.c. motors   forward and backwards.      For example the Genie motor control board PCB 418 (shown      on the robot)  or an Arduino®     fitted with a motor shield.    An option is to add  ‘whisker’ sensors made from two micro-switches.  Other sensors could be add  instead 17 x 18cm
Kre8 ®  Ball Launcher  
   Shoot a pong ball at a target across a room. To use pull down the plunger  then release the power stored in the elastic band. The angle can be adjusted as required and indicated by the inclinometer.  
Kre8 ®  Mars Rover Robot  
with manual controller
Kre8 ®  POP Robots 
Kre8 ®   Wind Generator
Kre8 ®  Historic Catapult   
Kre8 ®  Bridge Set
Kre8 ®  Solar Racer 
Kre8 ®  Electric Racer 
Making  TIPS Making  TIPS Making  TIPS .PDF .PDF .PDF
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Longest part 20cm