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Kre8 ® Starter Kit 2
Kre8 ® Solar Car
Kre8 ® Dragster
(requires one AA battery)
Model fork lift truck. Control load up and down and move truck forwards and backwards using controller that is connected to the two dc motors. 50cm High. Note - at back user needs to add counter balance weight such as a stone.
Fork Lift
Play soccer using the robot with its manual controller. Alternative tops available can be printed out to make:- dancer, spiky, robo and jester etc. With two players you can have a fun game with a ball on a carpet.
K r e  8 R Making System
Kre8 ® Electric Motor Model
Starter kit 1 is a great way to see how versatile the Kre8 Making System is. The Kre8 mechanical parts included that can be used to make a range of vehicles and in addition can be used with other construction kits or kept for general problem solving activities.
Kit 3 is a bulk pack of Kit 1 for use in USA ONLY Each kit consists of 5 the kits shown in the image.
The Kre8 low cost Ezi-Car is quick and easy to make as shown, decoration is provided but can also be customize as using card. Competition - Roll it down a slope and see how far it goes.
This dancing fly jitters about on any hard surface such as a table. The electric motor has an ‘off centre weight’ added making it jump about in a very realistic way. (requires two AA batteries) .
Watch it ‘jitter’ around on a smooth flat surface. When turned on the electric motor with its ‘off centre weight’ makes it move about. You could hold a sumo competition in a marked circle. It uses the same parts as the Kre8 Jitter fly but with a different top.
. .
Kre8 ® Manual Controller
3Volt Version
Tower crane model in which the top rotates and the hook moves up and down controlled using the manual controller. The whol crane can then be moved forward on the wheels like to a new place .
(The goblet, flower and musical card are not provided)
Have great fun shooting the red propeller at a basketball net or similar. Aim from about 10m from your target, adjust angle of trajectory, turn motor then when motor spins fast watch the propeller fly off from the spigot on the motor. Adjustable trajectory. Requires two AA batteries.
Shoot a ‘ping pong ball’ at at your target, aim, adjusting angle of trajectory, pull back firing pin then let go. The power is provided by a rubber band. Place ball on ball guide before shooting. To get best result adjust angle, distance from target and amount the rubber band power needed.
Height 20cm
Kre8 ® Ball launcher 2
Kre8 ® Feeding Chickens
Length 30cm
Turn the axle and watch the chicks heads move up in feeding action. This mechanism uses two cams which in turn moves the chicks body via the follower rod.
dragster doing a ‘wheelie’
Revised March 2015
*This will be replacing the Air Propelled Car shown next to this soon.
Assemble this solar racer by pushing parts together. Connect the electric motor to the solar panel to convert the sun’s energy into electricity for power. Also supplied is a battery holder for a AA battery so it can be used if the sun is not shining or you want to use it indoors.
Kre8 ® Starter Kit 1
This kit has ALL the parts in Kit 1 together with extra electrical parts that can be used to make two electric vehicles to your own design or a steerable robot if used with a Kre8 manual controller or similar.
Kre8 ® Ezi - Car
Kre8 ® Jitter Fly
Kre8 ® Manual Controller
These ready assembled low cost 1.5V manual motor controllers are ideal for steering robots left, right, forwards and backwards via long wires. To connect link the ribbon cable provided to your motors using the screw connectors. (as supplied with Kre8 robots) (requires one AA battery)
1.5Volt Version
Kre8 ® Sumo
(requires two AA batteries)
Kre8 ® Solar Racer
Kre8 ® Bridge Set (PDF)
These ready assembled low cost 3V manual motor controllers are ideal for steering robots left, right, forwards and backwards via 1m long wires. To connect add the 1metre wires provided to your motors using the screw connectors.
(requires two AA batteries)
50cm  high .PDF
A reasonably easy to make motor using a reed switch, two high power magnets & an electromagnet - powered by one AA battery. The disc change colors as speed varies
(Requires one AA battery)
Challenge yourself. Perhaps start by making the suggested marble solution, as shown, which guides the marbles through a set of various activities (see list) then refine it to slow it down to obtain longest marble run time.
High 50cm
This large Kre8® Big Wheel is gradually being replaced by the smaller, more economical and simpler Kre8 Big Wheel shown to the left of this image. .
Make then steer over over objects on the table, forward, backward, left or right
Kre8® Starter Kit 3 (USA)
Length 14cm
Length 25cm
Length 25cm
Wind up the elastic then release and watch it do a ‘wheelie’ as it races away
Length 23cm
Kre8 ® Electric Racer
This low cost fun easy to make electric motor powered car can be made as show or customised as the user wants. See how fast you can make it go.
Length 20cm
Length 20cm
Length 50cm
Bridge Kit - 3 models Arch, Truss and Suspension Bridges as shown can be made. supplied with a 50cm long plastic roadway - toy cars can travel along. Three bridge types can be made one at a time.
Kre8 ®
Kre8 ® Tower Crane
Kre8 ® Marble Run
72cm high
Kre8 ® Ferris Wheel
loop the loop
spinning wheel
marble drop
marble roll
marble rocker
easy to make
Kre8 ® Romantic Rube
50cm high
Length 25cm
Kre8 ® Monster Truck
Challenge Activity This is a more challenging and open-ended kit than the Kre8 Marble run - The actions are triggered by a marble running down the guides. On the way things happen - e.g. the flag and flower pop up, a drink is poured and candle glows and a fan blows and triggers a music card.
Height 20cm
Kre8 ® Basketball flier
Length 20cm
Kre8 ® Scales
Make a lever operated weighing scale. Supplied with a ready to use 0 to 50grams scale or make your own scale using instructions to guide you. When item (load) is added the green ‘counter weight’ rises.
Height 27cm
This fun PICK and PLACE hydraulic arm is operated by the control panel of syringes which are used to open/close the gripper, swing the arm and raise/lower the arm. It is shown lifting a green block of foam. A good project for the more able. Students enjoy controlling ‘picking and placing’ a load.
Length 40cm
Kre8 ® Hydraulic Arm
Kre8 Curiosity Rover Make your Mars Rover steer right, left, forwards and backwards. Powered by two motors and controlled by pre-assembled manual controller via a ribbon cable. Required just one ‘AA’ battery. Front arm, camera laser arm vision arms can be adjusted.
Kre8 Run-along Robot This low cost electric powered robots runs along with its head moving bobbing ‘up and down’ and arms swinging. Requires one AA battery, The cam on the drive axle lifts the head up and down as the robot moves forward. Tools used:- good scissors, ball point pen, rule and clear tape on a tape dispenser.
New .PDF
Length 250 mm
Kre8 ® Curiosity Mars Rover
Height 170mm
Kre8 ® Run-along Robot
Can be used in good sunshine, under bright searchlights or can be powered using a 1.5V battery (not supplied) The solar panel holder angle can be adjusted to match the suns position.
Kre8® Kits .PDF .PDF
with manual controller
Height 24cm
Kre8 ® POP Robots
These popular low price robots are great fun to steer:- forwards, left, right and backwards using the readymade 'Kre8 manual controller' (included). (requires one AA battery)
Make this car travel fast on a flat surface a jet of air propels it along produced by the propeller Powered by an electric motor. (requires two AA batteries)
Kre8 ® Air Car
Length 21cm
As the cam is turned the cam is rotated which in turn moves the shape (e.g. boat as shown) up and down. A popular school activity with lots of design possibilities. The basic mechanism is easy to assemble and adjust as wanted. holographic card pieces (supplied) for own design.
Cam operated movement
Length 12cm
Kre8 ® Automata
Kre8 ® Mars Rover Robot
Length 140cm
Kre8 ® Historic Catapult
Kre8 ® Mangonel Catapult
Have fun shooting ‘ping- pong’ balls into a target such as a bucket. Pull back the arm, aim and fire the ball. For competitions the arms leverage and elastic bands adjustment can be altered for best effect. Can be folded up when not in use.
This realistic looking elastic powered historic catapult model is easy to make and shoots ‘ping pong’ balls. lt has a trigger that can be operated from a distance and wheels. supplied with ball. Making Instructions and target are available as printouts via .pdf link above.
Length 25cm
31cm high
Kre8 ® Wind Generator
Experiment with wind power - a renewable energy source. The solar motor is powered by the wind via a geared mechanism and can provide some energy to other projects or the supplied LED. To get best effect adjust the number, angle and shapes of the blades. When no wind it can be tested by spinning the orange finger spinner at the front.
Height 40cm
Length 150mm
Kre8 ® Red Robot Version 2
A low cost robot kit that can be used with with most of the popular microprocessors (bought separately) capable of controlling two dc motors forward and backwards. For example the Genie (TM) motor control board and Arduino(TM) with motor shield. Assembly in about 90 minutes. Includes geared down motors, LED eyes and touch sensors.
 Mostly for Reference Mostly for Reference
Old Original Kre8® Kits (Reference only)
OLD for Reference Only
OLD for Reference Only
Kre8 ® Catapult with wheels
Have fun shooting ‘ping- pong’ balls into a target such as a bucket. Pull back the arm, aim and fire the ball. For competitions the arms leverage and elastic bands adjustment can be altered for best effect. Can be folded up when not in use.
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