construction systems and ‘found materials’ including as card boxes. Modify and adjust as you like. Kre8®Maker connectors are made from a tough plastic, the final size of a model is dependent the length of the tubes used, which can be cut to length with a good pair of scissors. Work on Kre8®Maker started in 2007 following requests by educators to add more complex mathematical shapes to our patented and compatible Kre8® Making System. Kre8®Maker was compliments the older Kre8® Making System range.
Kre8 ® Maker - Air Vehicle
Size 20cm x 80cm
Kre8® Maker - Ping Pong Ball Catapult
use by pulling back
Size 20cm x 25cm
Kre8® Maker - Marble Run
Kre8®Maker kits are designed to support STEM subjects (Science Technology, Engineering and Maths) in education, to easily make mathematical, structural and mechanical modelling that are guided or open-ended creations that are fun and quick to make. Joints are assembled by:- (1) by pushing a Kre8®Maker connector into the end of the plastic tubes or (2) By sliding a Kre8®Maker connector on a Kre8®Maker tube. To reuse just pull joints apart. The tubes can also used in combination with other popular
Using star connectors and examples
Using cross pieces and examples
Kre8 ® Maker Maths Kit
Kre8 ® Maker STEM Kit
Kre8 ® Maker Kits
® Maker Kits ® Maker Kits
Kre8 ® Maker - Two Bridges
Using single connector and examples
Catapult Throwing a ping pong ball.
Fairground ride Big wheel- motorized
Maths Magic Amazing animated forms
Flag waving headgear hydraulic controlled
Pen-ArtBot Idea motorized
Kre8® -  Copyright  S. Dunn 2016   Designed for  STEM maker activities  and 3D mathematical forms
For 30+ more activities
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Have fun aiming shooting a ping-pong ball at a target six metres or more away. Adjust the moving arm to alter power used. TIP If using the catapult on your own you can bounce ball off a wall.
Size 27cm high x 23cm
Have fun watching the marbles run down the marble run tracks, spinning the spoked wheel on its way down to the storage area at the bottom. Parts can be adjustable to get best effect,
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® Maker Kits
Kre8 ® Maker Kits
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3D forms to make
Making a Tetrahedron
Using the Connectors
Making Examples
Using Cross Pieces
Using Grey Tube
Ways to Fix joints
This .PDF booklet can be printed for easy ready reference
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Kre8 ® Maker Examples
KM 102
KM 104
KM 110
KM 130
KM 112
KM 121
Kre8 ® Maker - Propeller launcher
KM 120