Frequently Asked Questions FAQ - How did you choose the name Kre8? We were looking for a short creative name. When the name Kre8 was suggested it became an obvious choice to us because it says ‘create’ when spoken and was available as a .com name. - Who invented Kre8? Stewart Dunn invented the Kre8 Making System while Head of Technology in a UK secondary school to improve the teaching of design, technology and problem solving, in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) as well as in art and history. It main purpose being to be more affordable, versatile and more open-ended than other making systems and also be able incorporate other popular plastic and metal and making systems if required. Aim - To enable students of all abilities to design and make/model/assemble unique open-ended solutions that can be quickly assembled/disassembled and be the most versatile making system available for modelling in education. Kre8®Maker was introduced in 2016. Teachers at exhibitions were asking for parts that could make more complex mathematical forms. After a few year of development we decided to introduce Kre8®Maker as a stand alone system that can also be used with the main Kre8 Making System if wanted. - How did you get started? After obtaining patents, a registered trade mark and design registration we applied for and won a large award from NESTA (the National Endowment for Science,Technology and the Arts in the UK) to get started in production. - What makes Kre8 Unique The Kre8 making system replaces the need for lots of special connectors, as used in other kits, instead it only uses two very versatile connectors that can be used in hundred of different ways to make rigid structures, flexible or animated structures. These connectors can be adjusted along rods at any time during or after assembly. Rods length can adjusted as wanted. The Kre8 mechanical parts are also multi-purpose for example the Kre8 wheels also be used as a cam, gear or pulley. - Can the green and blue connectors be cut up? Yes - The connectors are supplied as a strip which can be use ‘as supplied’ or cut to make pairs or into of separate blocks if no hinging action is required. - Age of users? From 8 years to 80 ( as a rough guide) Suitable for use in schools, colleges, universities and industry where quick problem solving and modelling is undertaken. - What size are the rods and tubes? The blue slit rods are designed to be a ‘push fit’ in 5mm holes and the Kre8 connectors. The grey snap rod is a push fit in 4mm holes and Kre8 wheels. The grey tube is 4.9mm diameter so it is a ‘running fit’ in wheels etc.
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